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Carolina School of SurfGet your kids in on a fun and educational experience with our Ocean Isle Beach Surf Camp for Kids!

Surf camps are weekly from June lasting until late August. Here we teach kids how to surf and educate them on ocean safety, marine wildlife and surf culture. Surf camps are held at the beach access of Beaufort St in Ocean Isle Beach. Camps are held every week, from Monday – Thursday, from 8:30am – 11:00am. With a 3:1 surfer/instructor ratio, adequate time is spent with each and every pupil. Surfers will be taught the fundamentals of surfing, educated in ocean safety, and participate in dynamic beach activities throughout the week.

Carolina School of Surf Surf CampDuring this four day adventure, students are constantly exposed to the beach and ocean environments. Immersed with peers, students enjoy the sport of surfing while building friendships with others who aspire to be surfers. Surf camps are equipped for surfers of 6 yrs. old – 15 yrs. of age

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