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Indigo Farms PeachIndigo Farms is a family farm that goes back six generations on this land. Besides being a Century Farm it has some rather interesting history of its own. The Bellamy family has its roots in this area since John Bellamy settled in 1766. With relatives including Vaughts, Vereens and Gores its past is intertwined with much of the history in Horry and Brunswick counties. Dr. Bellamy who built and owned the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington was a descendant of the family. The history of the farm is tied to many happenings only a few miles from the farm.
The name of the farm comes from the run. It is documented that indigo was one of the crops grown right in this area. After the decline of indigo production by the colonies, indigo was commonly grown for personal use. Mr. Ben Thompkins used to grow it in the early 20th century. For more history of indigo we encourage you to come to Farm Heritage Day (held on the first Saturday in October) not only learn more but also to see the dye being used. Indigo Farms continues to grow the plants on the farm.

Indigo Farms ChicksIndigo Farms features a barnyard to give the public a chance to get up close to and enjoy farm animals. They have a variety of animals ranging from chickens and peacocks, to goats, sheep and pigs. The Farm also has hayrides, blueberry, blackberry, peach, grape, asparagus, and strawberry fields, a greenhouse with several different plants both native and exotic, bee hives used to produce local honey and so much more.

At Indigo farms you be a part of the fun too, by picking your own strawberries in the fields! You can also take home some of the produce from the Farmer’s Market found inside. They offer all types of produce grown on the farm and lots of Southern specialties including honey off the farm, grits, ham, arugula, dandelion, squash, specialty relishes, sauces, jams or salad dressings.

Indigo Farms BakeryAnd if that doesn’t entice you then you can wander over to the bakery for some homemade treats! They have everything from blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, pecan, apple and strawberry rhubarb pies to peach pound cake. They’ve got éclairs, strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit smoothies, milkshakes, homemade cookies, cakes and fresh breads too. Not to mention they also have lots of homemade ice cream too!

So come down to Indigo Farms this spring, there’s something for everyone down here!

Indigo Farms is located at 1542 Hickman Road Northwest, Calabash, NC 28467. For more information visit their website


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